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Скачать Unlimited Embrace: A Canon of Gay Fiction, 1945-1995 бесплатно

Unlimited Embrace: A Canon of Gay Fiction, 1945-1995
Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press | ISBN: 1558491325 | edition 1998 | CHM | 338 pages | 1 mb

This stunningly good book is an example of literary criticism of the old style?an arguments for what is good and not so good?applied to a field that, although in its infancy, has suffered from a surfeit of theory and a dearth of true criticism. With barely a trace of the recent academic jargon, Woodhouse (English, MIT) combines extraordinary erudition with a personal style in arguing for works that "are central to the project of gay (male) fiction in the postwar period." Although his range of literary reference is extraordinary, his choices for a canon are based as much on subject and political stance as style. He divides gay fiction, loosely, into works that represent or depict assimilation and those (which he clearly prefers) that embody a distinctive gay identity. His canon, therefore, includes Boyd McDonald as well as Edmund White but excludes David Leavitt (a "nice narcissist" whose fiction exhibits "a generalized fear of experience"). Woodhouse's close and extremely perceptive readings of works by White, Isherwood, Andrew Holleran, Gore Vidal, Larry Kramer, and many more need to be read by anyone with a serious interest in American gay male literature. For all graduate and upper-level undergraduate collections.?Robert W. Melton, Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence

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