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Скачать The Chronicles of Riddick бесплатно

The Chronicles of Riddick
Publisher: Del Rey | ISBN: 0345468392 | edition 2004 | PDF | 352 pages | 1,03 mb

The Chronicles of Riddick (the book) answered some of my questions. Who the heck WAS Kyra, anyway. Ahhh... the kid in Pitch Black. What was the relationship between Imam and Riddick? Again, that's in Pitch Black. Why are the mercs all after Riddick? You guessed it... Pitch Black!
The Chronicles of Riddick (the book) was based on the screenplay, and I was anticipating a repeat of the movie, nothing more, yet I was pleased with the additional detail. The book ends wit a "Historians' Note on Pre-Necroism." Perhaps the neo-Riddick reign will be worthy of another book and movie.

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