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Скачать Carl Hiaasen, Bill Montalbano - Powder Burn бесплатно

Carl Hiaasen, Bill Montalbano - Powder Burn

Carl Hiaasen, Bill Montalbano - Powder Burn
Vintage Books | ISBN:0375700684 | 1998 | 288 pages | PDF | 1.8 MB

Action, intrigue, violence, and murder. In the Hitchcock vein, they also portray protagonists who are just ordinary people?a professor, an architect, and a fishing-boat captain?who are dragged into extraordinary circumstances.

Architect Chris Meadows has the bad luck to see an old girlfriend get hit by a car full of drugland hitmen. He has the worse luck to see the face of her murderers. Because in a town as violent as Miami, a witness doesn't stand a chance--especially when the cops who ought to be protecting him are more interested in dangling him as live bait.


No Mirrors please.

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