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Скачать Menage A Magick бесплатно

Menage A Magick
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing | ISBN: 1843604574 | edition 2003 | PDF | 85 pages | 1 mb

Chapter One
The soft glow from the aura of magick that surrounded the twin moons of Sentmar was slowly dissipating. The twin rings were thinner than they had been in the entire written history of the planet. Once, thick luminous rings surrounded the moons, like pillowy circles of thick, rich cream. They were now wispy, and more transparent than ever before.
The magick of the land was growing weaker by the year now, instead of by the decade. They would have to move quickly, or it would be too late. The humans would once again rule the land and they would have no mercy for their magick counterparts.

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