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Скачать The Little Sister: Raymond Chandler бесплатно


The Little Sister: Raymond Chandler
Vintage | ISBN: 039475767X | 1988-08-12 | PDF (OCR) | 256 pages | 1.46 Mb

The Little Sister is a 1949 novel by Raymond Chandler, the fifth in his popular Philip Marlowe series. The story is set in late 1940s Los Angeles.

Little Sister is one of the lesser known Philip Marlowe novels. A young mousey woman from Kansas hires Marlowe to find her brother who has gone missing. In the process of searching, Marlowe discovers a blackmail racket, finds that the brother has been killed and runs into a fake Mexican actress with more than sex on her mind.

The Little Sister starts with a little nebbish girl, from nowhere-Kansas who asks Marlowe to help her find her brother. From there the plot involves Cincinnati mobsters, Hollywood agents, starlets and a few ice picks sticking out of a few necks. As always, Chandler's plot gets very complicated very fast. The joy of the novel is not in trying to figure out who is who, and who did what, but in the way Chandler lets the mystery unfold. The murders are always at the center of the story, but there is something else hanging near, something more akin to great literature, than dirty detective stories.

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