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Скачать The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life бесплатно

Lauren Myracle, "The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life"
Dutton Juvenile | 2005 | ISBN: 0525472223 | 160 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

Gr. 5-8. Twelve-year-old Allison had hoped that seventh grade would be the year that she "finally stopped being invisible." But her first day of school brings more attention than she wished for: she unknowingly arrives with her mother's underwear clinging to her pant leg. Her "fashion disaster" has unexpected consequences when Rachel, queen of the popular clique, defends Allison against her classmates. Allison has conflicting feelings about her closest friend, Kathy, whose frequent jabs hurt her feelings, and she is more confused when Kathy accuses her of being a "wanna-be" in Rachel's clique. Myracle captures the stomach-twisting anxiety of middle-school friendship with spot-on details. Allison tells her own story in a diary filled with sharply authentic emotions that many kids will recognize: "I wish I were anyone but me." Supported by family members whom she finds both comforting and annoying, Allison finally learns to rely on her own instincts. Readers negotiating changing friendships of their own will find themselves in this honest, comical tour of middle school.

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