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Скачать RESURRECTION бесплатно

Publisher: Sara Reinke | ISBN: NA | edition 2008 | PDF | 261 pages | 1,08 mb

In 2007, I took the novella, Resurrection and decided to rework it into a novel-length manuscript. This meant adding on about 20,000 words or so. Easy enough, or so I thought. What was supposed to be mostly minor revisions, some additions here and there, turned out to be a major overhaul -- in the end, nothing short of an almost complete rewrite. Now for the first time, you can check out both versions of the story -- the original novella-length incarnation, and this, the never-before-released novel-length version. If you've read one, you definitely haven't read them both, because the novel-length version has new twists and turns, new characters and even more suspense.

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