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Скачать Chronicles of Gor - Full (26) бесплатно

Chronicles of Gor - Full (26)
Ballantine Books | 1977 | ISBN:0345275837 | lit | 7,73 MB

Most of the novels in the series are action and sexual adventures, with many of the military engagements borrowing liberally from historic ones, such as the trireme battles of ancient Greece and the castle sieges of medieval Europe. Ar, a Rome-like city in which several of the novels are set, maintains a "margin of desolation" similar to that of Mesopotamia's Gu-Edin.

The series is a planetary romance and the first book, "Tarnsman of Gor," opens with some scenes very reminiscent of the first book of the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, who helped create the genre; both feature the protagonist narrating his adventures after being transported to another world. These parallels end after the first few books, when the stories of the books begin to be structured along a loose plot arc involving the struggles of the city-state of Ar and the island of Cos to control the Vosk river area, as well as the struggles at a higher level between non-human Priest-Kings and Kurii (see below) to control the solar system.

1. Tarnsman of Gor (1967) ISBN 0-345-27583-7
2. Outlaw of Gor (1967) ISBN 0-345-27136-X
3. Priest-Kings of Gor (1968) ISBN 0-7592-0036-X
4. Nomads of Gor (1969) ISBN 0-75925-445-1
5. Assassin of Gor (1970) ISBN 0-75920-091-2
6. Raiders of Gor (1971) ISBN 0-75920-153-6
7. Captive of Gor (1972) ISBN 0-75920-105-6
8. Hunters of Gor (1974) ISBN 0-75920-130-7
9. Marauders of Gor (1975) ISBN 0-75920-141-2
10. Tribesmen of Gor (1976) ISBN 0-75925-446-X
11. Slave Girl of Gor (1977) ISBN 0-75920-454-3
12. Beasts of Gor (1978) ISBN 0-75921-125-6
13. Explorers of Gor (1979) ISBN 0-75921-167-1
14. Fighting Slave of Gor (1980) ISBN 0-75921-173-6
15. Rogue of Gor (1981) ISBN 0-75921-179-5
16. Guardsman of Gor (1981) ISBN 0-75921-368-2
17. Savages of Gor (1982) ISBN 0-75921-374-7
18. Blood Brothers of Gor (1982) ISBN 0-75921-380-1
19. Kajira of Gor (1983) ISBN 0-75921-926-5
20. Players of Gor (1984) ISBN 0-75921-932-X
21. Mercenaries of Gor (1985) ISBN 0-75921-944-3
22. Dancer of Gor (1986) ISBN 0-75921-950-8
23. Renegades of Gor (1986) ISBN 0-75921-956-7
24. Vagabonds of Gor (1987) ISBN 0-75921-980-X
25. Magicians of Gor (1988) ISBN 0-75921-986-9
26. Witness of Gor (2001) ISBN 0-7592-4235-6

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