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Скачать The Vicar of Wakefield (Cliffs notes) бесплатно

The Vicar of Wakefield (Cliffs notes)
Publisher: Cliffs notes | ISBN: 0822013290 | edition 1969 | PDF | 88 pages | 1,11 mb

A firm believer in matrimony, the Rev. Dr. Charles Primrose took unto himself a wife in the second year of his ministry. He picked Deborah Primrose for her qualities of character and they dwelt in a fondness for each other which increased as they grew old. Fortune was kind to them, and their home was ever open to the traveler or the poor dependent.
Their greatest pleasure was their children: George, the eldest son, about twenty years old; Olivia, about eighteen, the elder daughter; Sophia, seventeen, the younger girl; and Moses about sixteen, the fourth child and second son. All came in fairly rapid succession. Then after a period of twelve years came another son, Dick, followed in close sequence by the youngest child, another boy, Bill, ages at the time of the story approximately four years and three years, respectively.

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