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Скачать Proudflesh бесплатно

Publisher: Fremantle Arts Centre Press | ISBN: 1863682058 | edition 1997 | PDF | 159 pages | 1 mb

London 1984
Alone in a hotel room in a new city, Kate hears from Qantas. Ms Kelly, the airline advises her, your luggage was accidentally unloaded at the end of the Perth-Bangkok leg of your flight. It was last seen in Athens. She empties the presentation bag that the airline has given her in compensation for her loss. Gifts for the bereft traveller: a kangaroo brooch to bestow identity, brinylon sockettes, an eye-shield, a sewing kit for small e m e r g e n c i e s .
All she has in the world was last seen in Athens. The suitcase comes back, still strapped and locked. She takes it slowly. She finds a room in which to live. It is satisfactorily compact and looks down onto the street below. The single bed is good and hard. The walls are as dull as cement. There is a walnut dresser.

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