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Скачать The Falling Woman бесплатно

The Falling Woman
Publisher: Spinifex Press | ISBN: 1876756365 | edition 2003 | PDF | pages 269 | 0,7 mb

One woman's journey into the heart's landscape is mirrored by a haunting desert odyssey in this novel told in three voices—Stella, Estella, and Estelle. The narration follows Stella from birth to age 29 as she confronts epilepsy, death, and lesbianism; Estella as she confronts the Australian desert and the metaphoric edge of her consciousness with her lover Olga; and Estelle, the timeless, mythical voice of women in different cultures and times sharing their stories that range from the mundane to the frightening. The final chapter draws all three voices together through an analogy of comets, snakes, and stars, in which Stella becomes Estella and Estelle and they move into a literal cosmic realm as one.

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