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Скачать A Comet Appears бесплатно

A Comet Appears

Jess Moleman, «A Comet Appears»
Lulu | ISBN: 1409233162 | 2008 | PDF | 194 pages | 3.33 MB

Life is easy. Love is cheap. And everything is so incredibly beautiful. Let’s do drugs. Let’s dance with sexy people. Let’s make love. And everything is so incredibly beautiful. The city lights at night. The fluorescent drinks. The smell of endless summer. Everything is so incredibly beautiful. We can change the world. We are the future. We will make it happen. And then a comet appears…
A comet appears tells of a young man’s quest to unify his conflicting ideals. Torn between the ambition to live a good life and the love for the life he lives, the protagonist struggles with happiness and pleasure, dreams and reality. It’s a story about being lost and finding love, an account of growing up and making choices.



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