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Скачать London's Perfect Scoundrel (Lessons in Love, Book 2) бесплатно

London's Perfect Scoundrel (Lessons in Love, Book 2)
Publisher: Avon | 384 pages | 2003-05-01 | ISBN: 0380820838 | PDF | 2 MB

A determined young lady vows to give one of London's infamous rakes his comeuppance -- but when the rogue turns the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love?
Beloved Sinner

The ton gossips call him "Saint" -- but the Marquis of St. Aubyn has well earned his reputation as London's perfect scoundrel. Evelyn Ruddick knows she should avoid him at all costs -- but the strikingly beautiful lady wants to aid the children of the Heart of Hope Orphanage, and he heads the board of trustees. Evie is determined to teach the charming, arrogant man a lesson in compassion, but it won't be so easy -- especially since his touch is setting her desire aflame, making Evie yearn to submit to his passionate instruction ... The idea of joining in her "project" is unthinkable, but this enchantress refuses to give up! So what else is there for a self-respecting rake to do but seduce the lady? Yet soon it is he who is being seduced by Evie's tender heart and fiery blushes. Could the temptation of long, passionate nights in her arms bring about the impossible? Could the disreputable Saint at long last be reformed?

Summary: again
Rating: 5

I loved it! . And I'm sure I will read it again. It has been passed around in my circle of reading friends and they have enjoyed it as well. From nearly the first page it captivated me and it was nearly impossible to put down. The writer creates such a vivid account of what the character is feeling and experiencing you feel those emotions with them.

Summary: She DID NOT deserve the hero!
Rating: 1

I stuck with this book hoping the "heroine" would grow a spine by the end of the book but was disgusted to find her lily-livered to the very end. It was bad enough that Evelyn wouldn't stand up to her hideous brother about the work she valued with her orphans but she wouldn't even stand up to him over the man she loved. She was actually going to marry someone she despised (after her heartless brother sold her to him) even after St. Aubyn offered to take her away. No, poor Saint first had to get her worthless brother a job before she would marry him. Any worthy heroine would have told her family to go hang after the way they treated Evelyn and walked right out the front door.

St. Aubyn was the only reason I finished the book and then I was sorry I did because he was then stuck with that awful spineless woman. The delicious Scoundrel deserved much better than her.

Summary: This book is brilliant - five stars+ !
Rating: 5

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys deliciously witty historical romances with depths to the characters. Every word is a gem, every scene is gripping.

The hero, Saint, is simply adorable. He is cynical, sharp, charming, and inwardly a hopeless romantic--which makes him, in this simple reader's opinion, the epitome of a romance hero.

Suzanne Enoch is a master storyteller, in a totally different league than her contemporaries. Her sex scenes aren't very graphic, but they are hot and the author gets the point across.

This book is a solid keeper, and one that I can see myself re-reading again and again. I wish other authors could write regencies the way this talented author does. So many do it, but so few succeed.

Summary: He is the perfect scoundrel!
Rating: 5

I looooooooooved this book. It was my very first Suzanne Enoch book and will certainly not be the last one. I very much enjoyed it. I won't go into a scenario because so many other reviewers have. St. Aubyn is definitely a perfect scoundrel for sure and you can't help but just get sucked in by his charm, humor, and devlish ways. He thoroughly redeemed himself as the book progressed and that closing speech he gave to the heroine will make you want to just flip the pages back and start all over again and/or lose your own heart for sure. This scoundrel really came alive for me as well as all the characters leaping off the pages. I just loved it. Its a keeper.

Summary: Can't beat a good Suzanne Enoch novel -- Love SAINT
Rating: 5

London's Perfect Scoundrel by Suzanne Enoch was a perfect bad boy falls in love story. Three women decide to make a list of lessons that all men should learn to be good husbands. This is the story of Eveyln who wants to show the world that she has brain but has to work with the worst rake 'Saint' the Marquis of St. Aubyn. I loved this novel the characters are great.
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