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Скачать The Twelve Chairs бесплатно

Ilya Ilf and Eugene Petrov, "The Twelve Chairs"
European Classics | ISBN: 0810114844 | 1960 | 207 Pages | 1.4 Mb

The plot of The Twelve Chairs is very simple. The mother-in-law of a former nobleman named Vorobyaninov discloses on her eathbed a secret: she hid her diamonds in one of the family's chairs that subsequently was appropriated by the Soviet authorities. Vorobyaninov is joined by a young crook named Ostap Bender with whom he forms a partnership, and together they proceed to locate these chairs. The partners have a competitor in the priest Vostrikov, who has also learned of the secret from his dying parishioner.The competing treasure-hunters travel throughout Russia, which enables the authors to show us glimpses of little towns, Moscow, and Caucasian resorts,and also have the three central characters meet a wide variety of people -Soviet ureaucrats, newspapermen, survivors of the pre-revolutionary propertied classes, provincials, and Muscovites.






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