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Скачать The Death Artist (Mass Market Paperback) бесплатно

Jonathan Santlofer " The Death Artist (Mass Market Paperback) "
HarperTorch | English | August 26, 2003 | ISBN : 0060004428 | 448 pages | 1.8 MB

Kate McKinnon, a former cop turned philanthropist, art impresario, and socialite, is a heroine straight out of a Judith Krantz novel, which is not necessarily a bad thing: you can always count the brand names Jonathan Santlofer drops on almost every page, even if you're not particularly intrigued by the mystery of who's behind a string of ritualistic serial murders that are carefully staged to resemble famous paintings only a woman with Kate's arcane knowledge and aesthetic judgment might recognize. Or you could figure out who's next on the killer's list faster than Kate manages to--she can't rule anyone out, not even her husband.

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