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Скачать Parable of the Dancing God бесплатно

Parable of the Dancing God
Publisher: Perichoresis Press | ISBN: NA | edition 1994 | PDF | 36 pages | 1,30 mb

“In his story of the prodigal son Jesus confronts the Pharisees and religious legalists of every generation with a stunning vision of his Father. Far from being a bean-counting legalist who is interested only in how we measure up to his rules, Jesus reveals God to be a Father who passionately loves his children forever. Its about relationship, not law, knowing the Father’s heart, not keeping an abstract ledger. The legalists could not be more wrong, and Jesus tells the story of the father and his two sons as an in-your-face attack on the god of Pharisees’ and our fallen imaginations, that we may know his Father with him and life in his embrace.” C. Baxter Kruger

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