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Скачать Behemoth бесплатно

Publisher: Tor Books | ISBN: 0765311720 | edition 2004 | PDF | 304 pages | 1,89 mb

Starred Review. In Canadian author Watts's intense, beautifully written conclusion to his Rifters trilogy (after 2004's ehemoth: -Max), Lenie Clarke, the near-psychotic, bio-engineered woman who loosed the deadly organism known as ehemoth on an already environmentally compromised world, resurfaces from the ocean's depths to discover who's behind continuing efforts to destroy all life on Earth. Together with Lubin, a bio-engineered man who's a highly efficient killer, Clarke discovers an America that has been devastated, not just by ehemoth but by attacks from heavily fortified, high-tech enclaves whose rulers will stop at nothing in a futile attempt to contain the out-of-control organism. Worse still, the battle is apparently being led by Achilles Desjardins, a murderous psychopath who has slipped the protective psychological programming that once kept his darker impulses under control.

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