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Скачать ArtWorks бесплатно

Publisher: Lulu.com | ISBN: 1409205525 | edition 2008 | PDF | 281 pages | 1,05 mb

Not for the faint-hearted, ArtWorks is a confronting thriller; at turns shocking, funny, romantic and thought provoking. When Max falls to his death from the dome of his new Art Gallery on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, his wife asks Max’s ex-lover, Peter, to take over as Director. After rescuing a strange young man from a raging sea, Peter investigates an art swindle and all hell breaks loose. He is raped and left for dead, but escapes, only to discover that he and his new friend Jon are wanted for murder. What follows is a hair-raising chase to clear their names. Murder, torture, cyclones, tidal surges, snuff porn shows – are but a few of the complications to be navigated in their search for justice, happiness and love. This is an alarming, amusing, romantic tale about two young men who’d love to be as cool as James Bond in the face of extreme danger, but discover reality is not like fiction.

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