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Скачать Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe бесплатно

Tales of Passion, Tales of Woe
Publisher: HarperCollins | ISBN: 0747273332 | edition 2000 | PDF, LIT, DOC, HTML, TXT | 416 pages | 2 mb

Our Lady of Victories
How many lands, how many frontiers separate us!
—Napoleon, in a letter to Josephine .
In which my new life begins
March 10, 1796 — Paris, early morning, grey skies. I am writing this in my jasmine-scented dressing room, where I might not be discovered by Bonaparte, my husband of one day. Husband. The word feels foreign on my tongue, as foreign as the maps spread over the dining room table, the sword propped in the corner of my drawing room. As foreign as the man himself.
My face in the glass looks harsh, etched by shadow, reflecting the dark thoughts in my heart. How unlike me to be melancholy. I'm tempted to black out the words I've just written, tempted to write, instead: I've married, I am happy, all is well. But I've promised myself one thing — to be honest on these pages. However much I am required to dissemble, to flatter and cajole, here I may speak my heart truly. And my heart, in truth, is troubled. I fear I've made a mistake.

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