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Скачать Jerome Stern, "Making Shapely Fiction" бесплатно

Jerome Stern, Making Shapely Fiction

Jerome Stern, "Making Shapely Fiction"
W.W. Norton & Co. | 1991 | ISBN: 039332124X | siPDF | 270 pages | 2.9 MB

This book is different from other books on writing. You can start writing serious fiction from the first page -- because, as Jerome Stern makes clear, learning to write spontaneously is the first step to writing well. As you begin to grasp the principle of momentum, tension and immediacy, you'll find your fiction has shape and form. You'll discover how to "write what you know," and avoid the traps and pitfalls awaiting fledgeling authors. A cross-referenced Alphabet for Writers includes incisive entries for such writerly concerns as Anti-Heroes, Dialogue, Sex, and Style. Whether you're a beginning, a seasoned professional, or a teacher of the craft, you already know there are no rules in writing fiction... but Jerome Stern will inspire you to find your personal path.

A deft analysis and appreciation of fiction--what makes it work and what can make it fail. Here is a book about the craft of writing fiction that is thoroughly useful from the first to the last page--whether the reader is a beginner, a seasoned writer, or a teacher of writing. Jerome Stern maintains that learning to write spontaneously is the first step to writing well. You will see how a work takes form and shape once you grasp the principles of momentum, tension, and immediacy. "Tension," Stern says, "is the mother of fiction. When tension and immediacy combine, the story begins." Dialogue and action, beginnings and endings, the true meaning of "write what you know," and a memorable listing of don'ts for fiction writers are all covered. A special section features an Alphabet for Writers: entries range from Accuracy to Zigzag, with enlightening comments about such matters as Cliffhangers, Point of View, Irony, and Transitions.

From page 388 of Janet Burroway's Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft (3rd Edition):

A witty, useful guide. Stern illustrates various possible shapes for stories; he includes a cogent list of don't's and discusses the elements of good writing in dictionary form so you can use the book as a handy reference.


What This Book Does and Why

Part I – The Shapes Of Fiction
 Last Lap
 A Day in the Life
 Bear at the Door
 Blue Moon

Part II – A Cautionary Interlude
 Write What You Know
 Don't Do This: A Short Guide to What Not to Do

Part III – From Accuracy To Zigzag: An Alphabet For Writers Of Fiction

Part IV – Readables: Where To Learn More

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