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Скачать Janet Burroway, "Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft (3rd Edition)" бесплатно

Janet Burroway, Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

Janet Burroway, "Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft (3rd Edition)
Harpercollins College Div | 3rd Edition | 1992 | ISBN: 0673521192 | siPDF | 397 pages | 6.6 MB

This comprehensive, informal, practical guide/anthology approaches the elements of fiction from the writer's point of view. Writing Fiction includes freewriting to revision, addressing how writers must work through problems in plot, style, characterization, dialogue, atmosphere, imagery, and point of view to write exciting and fresh stories. The tone of this market-leading text is non-prescriptive and personal, helping students feel comfortable with themselves and their writing.

A widely used guide to narrative craft, Writing Fiction is an elegant, informal, and practical text/anthology. In its third edition, it continues to range from intuitive freewriting to revision, treat the elements of fiction from the writers point of view, and offer solutions to structure, imagery, and style. Important features in the third edition include:
  • Chapters analyzing the elements of fiction that include short examples from published and unpublished work and 25 whole stories that illustrate narrative craft
  • Suggestions for discussion that include retrospective questions linking stories back to elements discussed earlier
  • Exercises after each chapter geared to helping the student face the situations and problems fiction writers face in each area
  • A new chapter on revision that includes what to look for. how to treat criticism, and the possible pleasures of the rewriting process
  • 75 percent of the selections are new



1 Whatever Works: The Writing Process
 Get Started
 Keep Going
 From One Writer's Beginnings EUDORA WELTY
 From The Art of Fiction JOHN GARDNER
 From The Writing Life ANNIE DILLARD

2 War Games: Story Form and Structure
 Conflict, Crisis, and Resolution
 Story and Plot
 The Short Story and the Novel

3 Seeing Is Believing: Showing and Telling
 Significant Detail
 The Active Voice
 Prose Rhythm
 "The Things They Carried" TIM O'BRIEN
 "Rape Fantasies" MARGARET ATWOOD

4 Book People: Characterization, Part I
 Individual, Typical, and Universal Characters
 Round and Flat Characters
 The Aristotelian Hero
 The Indirect Method of Character Presentation: Authorial Interpretation
 The Direct Methods of Character Presentation

5 The Flesh Made Word: Characterization, Part II
 The Direct Methods of Character Presentation (Cont'd)
 Character: A Summary
 "Everything That Rises Must Converge" FLANNERY O'CONNOR

6 Climate Control: Atmosphere
 Narrative Place
 Narrative Time
 "How Far She Went" MARY HOOD
 "Waiting for Mr. Kim" CAROL ROH-SPAULDING

7 Call Me Ishmael: Point of View, Part I
 Who Speaks?
 To Whom?
 In What Form?
 "The Masked Marvel's Last Toehold" RICHARD SELZER
 "The Wrysons" JOHN CHEEVER

8 Assorted Liars: Point of View, Part II
 At What Distance?
 With What Limitations?
 "The Era of Great Numbers" LEE K. ABBOTT

9 Is And Is Not: Comparison
 Types of Metaphor and Simile
 Metaphoric Faults to Avoid
 The Objective Correlative
 "Signs and Symbols" VLADIMIR NABOKOV
 "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" URSULA K. LE GUIN

10 I Gotta Use Words When I Talk To You: Theme
 Idea and Morality in Theme
 How Fictional Elements Contribute to Theme
 A Man Told Me the Story of His Life GRACE PALEY
 Developing Theme as You Write
 "Ralph the Duck" FREDERICK BUSCH

11 Play It Again, Sam: Revision
 Worry It and Walk Away
 Revision Questions
 An Example of the Revision Process
 "From Dawn to Noon" HEATHER SELLERS
 "Squirrelly's Grouper" BOB SHACOCHIS

Appendix A – Narrative Techniques: Workshop Symbol Code
Appendix B – Suggestions For Further Reading

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