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Скачать Jane Austen in Context (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen) бесплатно

Jane Austen in Context

Janet Todd (ed), "Jane Austen in Context (The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jane Austen)"
Cambridge University Press | 2005 | Literary Criticism | ISBN: 0521826446 | siPDF | 498 pages | 8.5 MB

Covering many aspects of Jane Austen's life, works and historical context, this collection of essays provides the most complete one volume introduction to her life and times. The generously illustrated collection of concise contributions is arranged alphabetically, and covers topics ranging from biography to portraits, critical responses to translations, agriculture to transport. An essay on the reception of Austen's work is also included, showing how criticism of Austen has responded to literary movements and fashions. This is a work of reference that readers and scholars of Austen will turn to again and again.

"Jane Austen deserves, and here gets, the reward of other people's skillful work on her little bit of ivory, two inches wide... The Cambridge Edition justifies its claim to the 'the first ever scholarly edition of the works of Jane Austen', and is a fine tribute to her for the twenty-first century." -Jane Austen Society Newsletter


List of Illustrations
Notes on Contributors
Chronology • Deirdre Le Faye

Part I: Life and works

 1 Biography • Jan Fergus
 2 Chronology of composition and publication • Kathryn Sutherland
 3 Language • Anthony Mandal
 4 Letters • Deirdre Le Faye
 5 Literary influences • Jane Stabler
 6 Memoirs and biographies • Deirdre Le Faye
 7 Poetry • David Selwyn
 8 Portraits • Margaret Kirkham

Part II: Critical fortunes

 9 Critical responses, early • Mary Waldron
 10 Critical responses, 1830-1970 • Nicola Trott
 11 Critical responses, recent • Rajeswari Sunder Rajan
 12 Cult of Jane Austen • Deidre Shauna Lynch
 13 Later publishing history, with illustrations • David Gilson
 14 Sequels • Deidre Shauna Lynch
 15 Translations • Valrie Cossy and Diego Saglia

Part III: Historical and cultural context

 16 Agriculture • Robert Clark and Gerry Dutton
 17 Book production • James Raven
 18 Cities • Jane Stabler
 19 Consumer goods • David Selwyn
 20 Domestic architecture • Claire Lamont
 21 Dress • Antje Blank
 22 Education and accomplishments • Gary Kelly
 23 Food • Maggie Lane
 24 Landownership • Chris Jones
 25 Landscape • Alistair M. Duckworth
 26 Literary scene • Richard Cronin
 27 Manners • Paula Byrne
 28 Medicine, illness and disease • John Wiltshire
 29 Money • Edward Copeland
 30 Nationalism and empire • Warren Roberts
 31 Pastimes • Penny Gay
 32 Philosophy • Peter Knox-Shaw
 33 Politics • Nicholas Roe
 34 Professions • Brian Southam
 35 Psychology • John Mullan
 36 Rank • Thomas Keymer
 37 Reading practices • Alan Richardson
 38 Religion • Michael Wheeler
 39 Trade • Markman Ellis
 40 Transport • Pat Rogers

Further reading

Tags: Literature, LiteraryCriticism, History, 19CEngland

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