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Скачать Sean Stewart, "Passion Play" бесплатно

Sean Stewart, Passion Play

Sean Stewart, "Passion Play"
Ace | 1992 | Science Fiction / Mystery | ISBN: 0441652417 | siPDF | 208 pages | 2.7 MB

When great actor and Redemption government spokesperson Jonathan Mask is found electrocuted, police hire free-lance hunter and shapeshifter Diane Fletcher to track the killer.

From Publishers Weekly
This tale of a futuristic sleuth who pursues criminals and her own inner demons succeeds both as science fiction and as a mystery. Although pretentious prose studs the first few pages (e.g., "Scattered across the asphalt like murderer's footprints, puddles of water turn bloody with sunset"), it vanishes when Stewart settles in to show us freelance detective Diane Fletcher using her ability as a "shaper" (someone who can read and experience the emotions of others) to help policeman Rolly French investigate the death of Jonathan Mask. An actor, Mask was electrocuted while filming a television show. Since he was the darling of the fundamentalist Christian, anti-technology, anti-intellectual "Reds" who run Redemption Era America, French hopes that the actor's death was accidental; but Fletcher's interview of cast and crew reveals strange patterns under "the murk of events." Even as Fletcher doggedly explores the relationships between Mask and his coworkers, she becomes increasingly disturbed about the morality of her own life and work. This memorable character contributes significantly to Stewart's fast-paced yet thoughtful debut.

From Library Journal
When the country's leading actor and religious icon dies under suspicious circumstances, freelance hunter Diane Fletcher is commandeered by the Redemptionist government to track down the murderer--despite her heretical beliefs. Set in a grimly puritanical America of the not-so-distant future, this first novel explores the intimate relationship between the hunter and the hunted. Told in compellingly simple language, this powerful debut belongs in most libraries.

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