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Скачать Candace Camp - Montford Heirs (3 Books) бесплатно

Candace Camp - Montford Heirs (3 Books) | PDF | 4 MB

A Stolen Heart

In 1811, Massachusetts shipping magnate Alexandra Ward comes to England accompanied by her mother and aunt to close out an agreement with the Burchings Tea Company. However, the English aristocratic owner of the tea company, Lord Sebastian Thorpe, never attends a negotiation session. Instead, his business agent Lyman Jones works out the contract with Alexandra. After completing the deal, Alexandra blackmails Lyman into introducing her to Sebastian. In fact, Alexandra wants to see Sebastian's famous India art collection.......


Lord Lambeth can't help but be captivated by lovely Marianne Cotterwood though he knows she's hiding a secret. The desire he feels for this mysterious woman is powerful, as is his need to unravel her mystery...

No Other Love

Nicola Falcourt had loved deeply once-and lost. Now she is drawn by fate into a sinister mystery that will plunge her into great peril...and even greater passion.

It begins with a breathless kiss from a notorious highwayman who believes she is the wife of Richard Montford, the Earl of Exmoor. He could not be more mistaken, for Nicola bears no love-and wears no ring-for the cruel earl she holds responsible for the death of the only man she has ever loved.

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