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Скачать Starship бесплатно

Brian W. Aldiss, Brian Wilson Adliss, "Starship"
Avon Books | ISBN: 0380002264 | 1985-02 | PDF | 163 Pages | 1 Mb

A community that cannot or will not realize how insignificant a part of the universe it occupies is not truly civilized. That is to say, it contains a fatal ingredient which renders it, to whatever extent,unbalanced. This is a story of one such community.An idea, which is man-conceived, unlike most of the myriad effects which comprise our universe, is seldom perfectly balanced. Inevitably,it bears the imprint of man's own railty; it may fluctuate from the meager to the grandiose. This is the story of a grandiose idea.To the community it was more than an idea: it had become existence itself. For the idea, as ideas will, had gone wrong and gobbled up their real lives.





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