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Скачать The Mystery of the Magic Circle бесплатно

M.V. Carey, "The Mystery of the Magic Circle"
Armada | ISBN: 0006923690 | 1993-02 | PDF | 160 Pages | 1.3 Mb

In this adventure, the intrepid sleuths encounter a witch who hides from the world, performing secret rites and brooding on an accident that happened long ago. Or was it an accident? It may have been murder done in a magical fashion!If you have not already met The Three Investigators, you will wish to know that Jupiter Jones, the leader of the group, is a stocky boy with an astonishing talent for deduction. Pete Crenshaw, the second investigator, is quick and athletic, while Bob Andrews, a studious fellow, uses his talent for research to
help solve the problems the youths encounter. The boys live in Rocky Beach,California, not far from Hollywood.So much for the formalities. You may now turn to Chapter One and proceed with the adventure.





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