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Скачать The Case of the Counterfeit Eye (Perry Mason Mysteries) бесплатно

Erle Stanley Gardner, "The Case of the Counterfeit Eye (Perry Mason Mysteries)"
Ballantine Books | ISBN: 0345331958 | 1986-11 | PDF | 45 Pages | 1.2 Mb

Mr. Peter Brunold visits Perry Mason because of a problem with his glass eye: it was stolen! Brunold keeps spares for when his eye is bloodshot, and this was taken. He suspects it will be planted to implicate him in a crime. Perry figures out a scheme to prevent this. Next Bertha McLane and her brother Harry visit Perry Mason. Harry has embezzled money from Hartley Basset, who "makes all sorts of loans", and Harry wants to return the money if Perry can arrange it (Chapter II). Perry advises Harry to straighten out his life. In Chapter III Perry meets Hartley Basset and learns of his character. Perry also meets his wife, who is dissatisfied. A midnight telephone call summons Perry; Mrs. Sylvia Basset has trouble at home between Hartley and his son Dick. Hartley drove away after hitting Dick's secret wife Hazel Fenwick. Perry calls the police, then learns of a mysterious man with one eye. A search of the other rooms finds a dead Hartley Basset! When the police search they find two guns. How could that be suicide (Chapter IV)?





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