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Скачать Loving Charity бесплатно

Loving Charity
Publisher: Leisure Books | 2000-04 | ISBN: 0843947047 | PDF | 320 pages | 0.6 MB

Vengeance is Jason Wades only purpose; the Boston lawyer has sworn to avenge his wifes death. Tracking her suspected killer to Wisconsin, he knows that to entertain a flirtation with the lovely Charity Applegate is to court disaster. But her smile weakens his resolve and her honesty breaks down his defenses until Jason wonders if the path to salvation lies not in retribution, but in loving Charity. On the eve of the Civil War, Charity Applegate accepts the risks involved in following ones heart. Her Quaker family aids the underground railroad, and the arrival of Jason Wade could expose them all. But caught in his passionate embrace, Charity realizes he challenges the strength of her courage even further to make a great leap of faith for the best reward for all: love.

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