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Скачать I MARRIED A DEAD MAN бесплатно

Cornell Woolrich, "I MARRIED A DEAD MAN"
Ballantine Books | ISBN: 0345306708 | 1983-06 | PDF | 180 Pages | 1.4 Mb

The first version of I Married a Dead Man appeared as a novella in the April 1946 issue of Today's Woman. By 1948, when the book was published under the pseudonym William Irish, Cornell Woolrich had expanded his novella and completely rewritten its ending, resulting in a fine American Noir novel that has been filmed at least three times. The best known movie version of I Married a Dead Man is the 1950 film starring Barbara Stanwyck for which the title was changed to No Man of Her Own. The movie is an excellent representation of the film noir of the period although it was somewhat weakened by the studio's decision to use the original ending of the novella rather than the stronger, more compelling, ending of the novel itself.





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