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Скачать Shakespeare on the Double! Macbeth (Shakespeare on the Double!) бесплатно

Shakespeare on the Double! Macbeth (Shakespeare on the Double!) By William Shakespeare
Publisher: Wiley 2006 | 178 Pages | ISBN: 0470041560 | PDF | 1.2 MB

No more "Double, double, toil and trouble?"

Now you can learn Shakespeare on the double!

Macbeth has all the ingredients of a modern day bestseller-greed, ambition, murder, mayhem, madness, politics, assassinations, hallucinations, prophecies, spells, and rebellion. Potions and emotions simmer. One betrayal leads to another. Now you can sit back and read Macbeth like the thriller it is! This modern, easy-to-understand translation makes reading it quick and painless. Other aids make following the action and grasping the meaning a snap:

* A brief synopsis of the plot and action
* A comprehensive character list that describes the characteristics, motivations, and actions of each major player
* A visual character map that shows the relationships of major characters
* A cycle-of-death graphic that pinpoints the sequence of deaths and includes who dies, how they die, and why
* Reflective questions that help you understand the themes of the play

Shakespeare on the Double! Macbeth lets you enjoy this classic play your way!





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