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Скачать Amanda Ashley - Midnight Embrace бесплатно

Amanda Ashley - Midnight Embrace
Love Spell | ISBN: 0505524686 | 26/02/2002 | English | 378 pages | PDF & LIT | 1 MB

There are may kinds of embraces -- tender ones, passionate ones, even deadly ones. Amanda Ashley writes of all three in her paranormal romances, in which vampires, cursed creatures of darkness, seek the warmth of human love. Analisa is young, lovely, innocent ... and very alive. The day before she lay at death's door. Now, after an evening visit from a mysterious stranger, she is fully recovered -- and in possession of an invitation from the reclusive Lord Alesandro de Avallone to take up residence at Blackbriar Hall. Alone and penniless, with nowhere else to go, she accepts, little knowing that while her mysterious benefactor saved her life, the cost may yet prove to be terribly high. Midnight Embrace is the story of an ancient vampire, lost in loneliness, and the woman whose freely given love could be a light in the cold shadows of his existence.

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