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Скачать R. K. Narayan's Swami and Friends бесплатно

R. K. Narayan's Swami and Friends
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press(October 1, 1994) | Eng | PDF | ISBN:0226568318 | 190 Pages | 300 KB

Swami and Friends is the first of a trilogy of novels written by R. K. Narayan, a celebrated English language novelist from India. The novel, which is also Narayan's first, is set in pre-independence days in India, in a fictional town called Malgudi. The second book is Bachelor of Arts and the third is The English Teacher.
A paperback edition was issued in Chicago by the University of Chicago Press in 1980 with ISBN 0-226-56829-6. Many other editions have been issued in other countries by several other publishers.

Swami and Friends is the story of ten-year old Swaminathan, a boy full of innocence, wonder, and mischief, and his experiences growing up in the fictional town of Malgudi. He is a student at the British-established Albert Mission School, which stresses Christianity, English literature, and the value of education. Life changes dramatically for young Swami when Rajam - a symbol of colonial power - joins the school, and becomes his close friend.

Malgudi's Day A railway station serves as the main entry point for Malgudi. It is here that you find Raju, the guide who will help you explore the village. On your way through Lawley's extension, you'll visit Ananda Bhavan, where you can have a sip of coffee before continuing the journey. Some of the remarkable characters you'll meet during your visit are the town gossip, the financial expert, the man who owns Truth Press, the English teacher, and many others.
The story begins with Swami, who was born and brought up in Malgudi, attending his monotonous schooling in Albert Mission School. Rajam, son of a police officer joins his school and the dispute that occurs between Rajam and Mani (who is also Swami's friend.) and thereinafter the steady friendship between Swami, Rajam and Mani. The only aim of this profound creature is to form a cricket team.
What started as an ambition, parted his friendship with Rajam. Rajam moves out of the town without even saying a word to Swami. Swami gifts Rajam his favourite book which is accepted by rajam through his ambiguous wave.

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