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Скачать R. K. Narayan's The Man-Eater of Malgudi бесплатно

R. K. Narayan's The Man-Eater of Malgudi
Publisher: Penguin Classics (May 1, 1993) | Eng | ISBN:0140185488 | PDF | 176 Pages | 755 KB

The Man-Eater of Malgudi is a 1961 Indian novel, written in English by R. K. Narayan.
It revolves around the life of a printer named Nataraj, who lives in a huge ancestral house. He leads a contented lifestyle, with his own circle of friends, such as Sen, the politician and Sastri, his assistant whom Nataraj respects very much. One day, a taxidermist named Vasu arrives at the office of Nataraj and demands the printing of 100 visiting cards. Although Nataraj does this, Vasu seems to have no intention of paying him.

Vasu is a type of a bully, and is often compared to a Rakshasa (a Demon) by Nataraj and Sastri. Vasu takes up residence in the attic of Nataraj's house, and does not pay him any money or sign any contract based on the rent. Vasu is a muscleman, proud of his strength. As the story continues, Vasu encroaches on Nataraj's life, and scares away his friends, his customers and so on.

One day, Nataraj decides to hold a function to commemorate the release of a book of poetry by a friend. Later he learns that Vasu plans to shoot an elephant for his collection in the procession of Nataraj's friend. The protagonists frantically try to stop him, but in vain. As Nataraj decides to talk to Vasu for once and for all, he finds Vasu sleeping, but the next morning he discovers that Vasu is dead.

The autopsy takes place, with the verdict being that he was not poisoned and that there are no signs of physical injury. The case is declared closed, but the reputation of Nataraj's press is ruined and his friends and other people start avoiding him. Later, Nataraj learns from Rangi, a woman who was familiar with Vasu, that Vasu was not murdered, but died in the attempt to smash a fly sitting on his temple. He had damaged one of his nerves with his powerful hands and died instantly.
Now Nataraj is rid of Vasu, and the story ends on the note that all demons, rakshashas and monsters are the downfall of themselves.

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