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Скачать Selling Fish бесплатно

Selling Fish
Publisher: Stackpole Books | ISBN: 0811715353 | edition 2000 | CHM | 118 pages | 1,15 mb

6 x 9 "If you've ever wondered why some anglers are so smitten by their calling, you'll understand when you read Selling Fish." -John Cole, author of Fishing Came First, Striper, and In Maine J.H. Hall grew up in a family of commercial fishermen on the Chesapeake Bay. Though he went on to become a doctor and sport fisherman, he never lost the connection to his roots. These non-fiction stories are about fly-fishing for trout in Montana and bonefish in Belize, about gillnetting stripers in the Chesapeake Bay, about casting popping bugs to smallmouths in Maine. They are about success and failure. They are funny, poignant, sad, joyful. But mostly they are about people and what fishing can reveal about relationships. You will not forget them. J.H. Hall is a graduate of Princeton University and Duke University School of Medicine. His short fiction has appeared in North American Review and Triquarterly, his fishing essays in Fly Rod&Reel and Gray's Sporting Journal. He is the author of one previous book of stories, Paradise.
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