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Скачать Here Comes the Bride бесплатно

Here Comes the Bride
Publisher: Berkley Trade | ISBN: 0425211304 | edition 2006 | PDF | 304 pages | 1,41 mb

The heroine of Always the Bridesmaid finally gets the starring role.

Cate couldn't wait for her own wedding so she could do it right, after all she'd learned from the mistakes her friends made before her. And Ethan was the perfect husband-to-be. If only something, anything, else was perfect.

First her engagement ring disappears. Then Ethan's ex-girlfriend shows up-and keeps showing up. Cate's mother has a stranglehold on the planning, and Ethan's meddling cousin is making Cate regret inviting her to join the wedding party. Cate wants to marry her one true love. And she doesn't want to turn into bridezilla. But her special day is making her want to run the other way.

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