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Скачать The Kiss of God: 27 Lessons on the Holy Spirit бесплатно

James C. Howell, "The Kiss of God: 27 Lessons on the Holy Spirit"
Abingdon Press | 2004-05 | ISBN: 0687066484 | 103 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

"In 27 brief lessons on the Holy Spirit, James Howell introduces us to the third person of the Trinity, ""this personal, elusive, invisible, powerful Spirit."" Who is the Holy Spirit? What is the work of the Spirit? How can I connect with the Holy Spirit in my life? What would that look like? Some of the lessons include: The Spirit in the Trinity, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, The Spirit and Creation, The Spirit in Us, Culture and the Spirit, The Spirit in the Church, Sending the Comforter, The Spirit and Freedom, and The Spirit and the Future. Each lesson begins with a prayer written by the author. The lesson on culture and the Spirit begins: Come, Holy Spirit, Stranger to this unholy world: Heighten my discomfort, and sharpen my alienation so I may scorn the dazzling sights that would blind me to Your lovely light. Shove me, nip at my heels so I will run toward the truth that makes me odd. Amen. The title of the ebook comes from a quotation by Bernard of Clairvaux that it is appropriate to think of the Holy Spirit as a kiss. The author explains that Clairvaux ""is imagining God the Father loving his son Jesus so tenderly that God would kiss the son, and the Spirit then would be that kiss."" "

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