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Скачать Wuthering Heights бесплатно

Wuthering Heights

Emily Bront "Wuthering Heights“
Longman Fiction| ISBN 0582274958 | 1999 | PDF | 164 pages | 4 Mb

Upper Intermediate 2000 words

The arrival of a small boy at the lonely farm of Wuthering Heights is the beginning of a strange love affair. The boy, Heathcliff, and Catherine, the daughter of the familiy, both have strong, wild natures and they quickly became close friends.
As they grow older their understanding and love of each other deepens. But then Heathcliff is made to work on the farm as a servant, and Catherine meets Edgar, who is rich, gentle und educated. The choice she makes between Heathcliff and Edgar is one which has a deep effect on all those around her for many years to come.

The Longman Fiction series offers a stimulating range of literature for lower intermediate to advanced level students of English. Every book contains an introduction, word list and activity material to help understanding and appreciation of the book.

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