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Скачать SEALed with a Kiss: Even a hero needs help sometimes... бесплатно

Mary Daughtridge "SEALed with a Kiss: Even a hero needs help sometimes..."
Sourcebooks Casablanca | 2008-04-01 | ISBN: 140221118X | 432 pages | PDF | 1 MB

"Emotional, compelling and oh-so-sexy, SEALed With A Kiss delivers!"
--Kathleen Long, Author of The Body Hunters series

He figures she's high maintenance.

He has yet to meet a woman who didn't cling, and being a Navy SEAL doesn't leave much time for anything else…

She figures he's not "commitment" material.

Men are interested in one thing-either her brains or her body. She's just as well off focusing on her career…

But when widowed Navy SEAL Jax Graham and his young son Tyler get trapped by a hurricane, family therapist Pickett Sessoms takes them in and knows just how to help a rough, tough Navy SEAL deal with a scared and lonely little boy. Jax and Pickett know just what to do with their red hot attraction, too, even though neither has falling in love in their plans. But when a "family" outing turns deadly, Pickett understands what it means to be a SEAL and Jax discovers that even a hero can't always go it alone…

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