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Скачать American Dreams бесплатно

John Jakes, "American Dreams"
Signet | 998-02-14 | ISBN: 0786585277 | 560 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

Praise for American Dreams
The second generation of the Crown family . . .
“Jakes successfully weaves the dreams of three young family
members into a historical work of fiction . . . . His knowledge of
American history shines.” —Sunday Oklahoman
“Jakes has a grand old time spinning his yarns. . . . He mixes his
fictional offspring with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Mary
Pickford, making us feel as if we too have brushed our shoulders
with celebrity.” —Toledo Blade
“Realistic detail and period color galore keep this swift-moving
story grounded . . . as the automobile and WWI arrive to shake the
republic out of its golden idyll.” —Kirkus Reviews
“Historical fiction at its finest, as only John Jakes can tell it.”
—Wheaton Gazette
“A worthy successor to Homeland.” —Columbia State (SC.)

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