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Скачать Underworld (Resident Evil #4) бесплатно

S.D. Perry, "Underworld (Resident Evil #4)"
Pocket | 1999-05-01 | ISBN: 0671024426 | 256 pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

"In Underworld, author SD Perry takes an interesting approach. Instead of having a story based on survival horror, she instead went into the direction of an action-adventure with horror elements. The familiar zombies that plague the Resident Evil universe are replaced with hordes of experimental animal-monsters. I consider Underworld like Resident Evil 4: a fresh new idea that appeals to both new and old fans of the series. Ironically, Leon is there to take charge into the new direction as one of the leading characters.

The story of Underworld is typical of the Resident Evil universe. The story focuses on characters from past Resident Evil stories. John, David, Rebecca, Claire, and Leon must infiltrate a secret underground Umbrella laboratory to retrieve a notebook full of secret codes at the request of the mysterious Trent - a secret character who seem to aid characters in past Resident Evil novels. The book is rather entertaining and fulfilling in the action and adventure sense. The book ends spectacularly with a lot of details about White Umbrella and more importantly, it reveals a lot of information and motives behind Trent.

Personally, I liked Underworld. Author SD Perry did a wonderful job in creating a believable world - even though Resident Evil is anything but. Underworld focuses more on the key players of Umbrella and tries to dig deeper into the hows and whys of Umbrella and its schemes. I believe any fan of Resident Evil will like this book. It is a wonderful spin off and it's nice to see an author who tries to legitimately create a niche in the Resident Evil world." - reader's review.

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