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Скачать C. C. Brondwin. "Maiden Magick: A Teen's Guide to Goddess Wisdom and Ritual" бесплатно

C. C. Brondwin. "Maiden Magick: A Teen's Guide to Goddess Wisdom and Ritual"
Career Press | 2003 | ISBN: 1564146707 | 232 pages | PDF / djvu | 16 / 3 Mb

Many current Wicca and Celtic spiritual wisdom books are for an adult audience. Until recently, the teenage reader and seeker was left to fend for herself. This book helps to change that. Chock full of Goddess information, personal encouragement, and hip humor, this book speaks directly to the teen reader, embracing and honoring her as a true Spiritual Seeker drawn to the Goddess tradition and eager to learn to walk her path. Maiden Magick answers that often-voiced need from today's teens for a clear, step-by-step guidebook to Goddess spirituality and Celtic magick.

Author was raised by healers and mystics in the ancient Clan tradition, and she learned her craft as it was handed down from mother-to-daughter. She serves as the teen's personal Elder, or Celtic Clan Mother and delivers one-on-one instruction with compassion, respect, and a dash of playful humor for a teen embarking on the novice phase of her lifelong spiritual journey.

The teen apprentice is encouraged to believe in herself and her own natural powers, and to walk the Goddess path with confidence.[/justify]

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