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Скачать Suzanne Robinson, "The Rescue" бесплатно

The Rescue
Bantam | 1998 | ISBN: 0553563475 | Pages: 304 | PDF | 1.18 MB

When Miss Primrose Victoria Dane witnesses a murder committed by one of the ton, her life is placed in danger. Forced to flee her aunt's home, the spinster heads to the seedy part of London where she finds shelter. While trying to elude pursuers, she falls into the clutches of Nightshade, a renowned thief turned gentleman, who has been hired by her aunt to find Primrose. As a favor to a friend, Sir Lucas Hawthorne once again dons the persona of "Nightshade" to find the elusive Miss Dane. Upon capturing her, Sir Lucas has a dreadful time making her understand that he is one of the good guys. He takes her to his castle in the country for safekeeping while he can investigate the situation. Miss Dane, on the other hand, refuses to reveal details of the crime for fear that Sir Lucas will also be in danger. In order to pass the time, she agrees to work on smoothing his rough edges so that all remnants of his previous life will be erased. And with the possibility of a suitable marriage in the works, Sir Lucas needs all the help he can get. Yet danger is not far around the corner. Miss Dane is put to the test when Sir Lucas is captured. Will the ever-proper spinster be able to pull off the rescue of the century or will she lose the man she has come to love? Although the verbal exchanges between Sir Lucas and Miss Dane were often humorous, I found The Rescue to be a bit too sweet for my taste. There wasn't enough passion and excitement to hold my interest. A decent storyline that followed a rather predictable path...more spice would have been nice.

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