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Скачать Suzanne Robinson, "Lady Dangerous" бесплатно

Lady Dangerous
Bantam Books | 1997 | ISBN: 0553281380 | PDF | pages 193 | 1.08 Mb

Determined to find out if Viscount Radcliffe is the man responsible for her brother's murder, Liza Elliot poses as a maid in the house of the notorious Viscount Radcliffe and finds herself falling for the cold-blooded aristocrat.
By A Customer

This book was a really pleasant suprise. I hadn't heard of this author before but thought it sounded interesting. Suzanne's writing is really easy to read and engrossing. I wasn't after a deep read but something easy to digest and in this book I got a bit of both. Basically it is very similar in style to Amanda Quick but I must admit I liked the heroine in this novel better. The story revolves around Liza Elliot and her search for her brothers murderer. Her investigations lead her to Viscount Radcliffe a "fallen angel of the aristocracy". Viscount Radcliffe only has relationships with women whom he can't form a permanent attatchment and he has a secret that torments him. Liza has been disowned by her father for refusing to marry for a title and makes her own way in the world becoming the owner and founder of a domestic agency. She disguises herself and enters the employ of the Viscount to determine whether or not he is a murderer. This novel is fast paced and easy to get interested in and there are no annoying side plots that are distracting. I read this book in one night and I became hooked on this author. One criticism I have is that the real murderer's thoughts are portrayed as a "hungry, snapping beast who wants to howl"etc. I found this to be contrived and mildly annoying but I would recommend that anyone who hasn't read this author to give this book a go. I would really give it 4 1/2 stars.

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