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Скачать Anne Tyler - The Accidental Tourist бесплатно

The Accidental Tourist

Anne Tyler "The Accidental Tourist"
Longman Fiction | ISBN 0582278554 | 1999 | PDF | 100 pages | 4,6 Mb

Lower Intermediate 1600 words

After the death of his son, everything starts to go wrong for travel writer Macon Leary. First his wife leaves him. Then he has an accident und breaks his leg. And then his dog, Edward, starts attacking people. Help arrives in the form of Muriel, the loud and colourful dog trainer from the Meow-Bow Animal Hospital, who offers to solve Edwards's problems.

When they meet for Edward's lessons, Muriel tries to talk to Macon. She tells him about her life. At first he thinks she is strange and he is very unfriendly. But slowsly things begin zu change...

The Accidental Tourist is a heart-warming story about families, love, marriage - and dogs!

The Longman Fiction series offers a stimulating range of literature for lower intermediate to advanced level students of English. Every book contains an introduction, word list and activity material to help understanding and appreciation of the book.

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