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Скачать Kurt Vonnegut: Hocus Pocus бесплатно

Kurt Vonnegut: Hocus Pocus
Publisher: Berkley | 1991-11-01 | ISBN 0425130215 | PDF | 336 pages | 1.22 MB

This was not given to me or by me as a Christmas gift or any other holiday gift. I checked it out at the local library. I have no idea what my cousins read or if they read for pleasure. We're not close. But I will hasten to make this a review by commenting on the novel. Another cynical diatribe about man's folly, carelessness and random cruelty. Well written, insightful and cautiously humane. Man, Vonnegut was just about the most cynical and sarcastic guy alive who could write well.

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