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Скачать Sex Me II : Children of the Triad (all 6 books) бесплатно

Sex Me II : Children of the Triad (all 6 books) by Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh
Extasy Books | Dec 2008 | 312 Pages | ISBN: 1554871158 | PDF | 3.4 MB

This contains all the 6 books of the series Sex Me II. The books are as follows:

  • Book 1 : Sex Me Tender - One Mission. Three strangers. Love that will last until the end of time.
  • Book 2 : Sex Me Sweet - On a mission to save a nearly extinct race, three strangers find the love of a lifetime.
  • Book 3 : Sex Me Replete - Three men and one woman forge an alliance destined to thwart an enemy thought long-defeated.
  • Book 4 : Sex Me Slow - A lost civilization found. A traitor caught. But this is only the beginning for Felicity, Storm and Brandt--the latest Triad formed with the Lady Goddess's blessing.
  • Book 5 : Sex Me Fast - Awake from their long slumber, two Hienials must convince their Amazonian Mate to let them accompany her as she sets off on a mission for the Lady Goddess.
  • Book 6 : Sex Me At Last - Ryo of Kneese and Jered Hallen search for their mate in an unknown galaxy and find more than they bargained for when their search leads them to Harlow Abernathy.

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