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Скачать Socio-Economic Democracy and the World Governmen бесплатно

Dhanjoo N. Ghista , "Socio-Economic Democracy and the World Governmen"
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company | 2004-09 | ISBN 9812385096 | PDF | 287 pages | 2.6 MB

This book is novel and innovative, offering guidelines for the advancement of developing countries, in the context of a neo-humanistic global economic-political order, involving the establishment of autonomously governed functionally sustainable communities (FSCs), and promoting collective capitalism, partyless socio-economic democracy and people-centered governance at the grass-roots level.

For global implementation of socio-economic democracy, FSCs can opt to form self-reliant economic blocs within continental or regional federations or unions (such as the European and African Unions). These federations, operating under the aegis of a globally representative world government, are mandated to serve the collective interests of all the communities of the world by providing a most comprehensive charter of human rights and constitutional guarantees.

This book can serve as a valuable teaching and research resource for a multi-stage road-map towards a world government system, for the unification of all the communities of the world into one global cooperative. The combined system of socio-economic democracy (involving knowledgeable and conscientious governance executives elected by and directly representing the various functional sectors of FSCs) and World Government will help transform the current undignified north-south socio-economic order into a democratic and equitable globalisation order, towards achieving sustainable peace.



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