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Скачать Hamlet (Saddleback Classics) (Study Guide Included) бесплатно

Hamlet (Saddleback Classics) (Study Guide Included)
Saddleback Publishing | 2003 | ISBN: 1562546007 | Pages: 96 | PDF | 1.35 MB

Saddleback Classics were expressly designed to welcome developing readers to the wondrous world of great literature. Each novel, complete in just 80 pages, has been painstakingly adapted to retain the integrity of the original work. Each provides the reader a sence of the author's style and an understanding of the novel's theme. The low reading level assures success and stimulates a desire for further reading. And it goes without saying that the beloved characters and ever popular plots of these masterpieces guarantee a high interest level!
Saddleback Classics Study Guides contain everything a teacher needs in an easy to use format. 35 reproducible exercises evaluate comprehension and teach higher order thinking skills as well as literary appreciation. There is a correlated study guide for each novel. Each 48 page study guide includes teaching suggestions, background notes, chapter summaries, and answer keys.

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