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Скачать Developing Story Ideas, 2 Ed бесплатно

Michael Rabiger, "Developing Story Ideas, 2 Ed"
Focal Press | 2005-10-21 | ISBN: 0240807367 | 256 pages | PDF | 1,9 MB

The vast majority of screenplay and writing books focus on story development and have little to say about the initial concept that generated the piece. Developing Story Ideas offers writers a spectrum of resources and a structure of writing practice so that anyone can quickly and reliably generate a wide variety of stories in a broad range of forms. It first shows you how to observe situations, acts, and themes-and use these observations as the basis for storytelling. Exercises and projects help you draw an artistic self-profile to summarize what you most need to investigate in your creative work.
Micahel Rabiger, a renowned teacher, author, educator, and mentor, proves we all have the inner resources and life experiences to be creative. He guides aspiring writers step by step to come up with quality story ideas in a broad range of forms: a screenplay, short story, documentary, or play.
* Feeling stuck? Learn to quickly and reliably generate creative ideas for stories, scripts, and more
* Not just another screenplay book: covers the artistic work that must happen before writing the winning script or novel
* Exercises and projects help you quickly develop a wealth of material
* Step-by step approach suitable for beginners
* Author has written best-selling directing and documentary books

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