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Скачать The Bobbsey Twins - The Secret at the Seashore бесплатно

The Bobbsey Twins - The Secret at the Seashore

Laura Lee Hope: "The Bobbsey Twins - The Secret at the Seashore"
English | Grosset & Dunlap | ISBN: 0448437546 | 1989 | PDF | 186 pages | 3 Mb

Freddie said nothing more. The little boat glided past a park with tiny trees and sparkling ponds. Then it went through a long, dark stretch and finally emerged into the sunlight again.
"Where's Freddie?" Flossie called out.
Bert turned around. The back seat was empty!

The Bobbsey Twins - Bert and Nan, Freddie and Flossie - have won millions of fans since their first adventure in 1904. While remaining true to the spirit of the original editions, these latest revisions of the classic Grosset & Dunlap mysteries have fast-moving plots and exciting illustrations especially for today’s young readers.

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